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Target User

Spotify users that share music to other people.


To empathize with users and identify their pain points and frustrations with sharing music currently with the Spotify mobile app. Then create a solution for those unmet needs.

My Role

UX/UI Designer

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  • Competitive Analysis
  • Individual Interviews
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  • Persona
  • Empathy Map
  • User Flow
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ui design

  • Lo-fi Wireframes
  • Hi-fi Wireframes
  • UI Kit
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  • Prototype
  • Usability Testing
  • Reflection


There is no doubt that music brings us together. Spotify’s mission is to help people listen to whatever they want, whenever they want, wherever they want in a easy, accessible way. But what good is music if you can’t share it with anyone?

In this project, we will discover a new way of sharing music the way our listeners want to. It is time that Spotify rethinks the way we connect through our taste in music by creating a new social capability that creates an emotional connection primarily centered around music.
Based on my research, I created a new solution to sharing music through Spotify. Some users wanted to share more than just a song or playlist. We can reach that next level by generating “My Music Taste.”

Here’s how it works:
Spotify takes what you listen to daily and generates a very customizable “My Music Taste” which includes: the top 4 genres you listen to, and curated playlists of the top songs you listen to from that specific genre. You can either share your whole music taste to another person through Spotify’s new chat function. Or you can share via text message or social media.

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research goals

Through a competitive analysis and individual interviews, we will uncover current user’s pain points and frustrations with sharing music on the Spotify mobile app.

methodologies - competitive analysis

Before diving in to individual interviews, I did a competitive analysis on direct competitors like Apple Music, SoundCloud, Tidal, and YouTube Music. Here are some overall findings.

overall findings

  • All direct competitors allow users to share music using the share icon. It also allows you to choose different platforms to share it through including: messages, Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat.
  • SoundCloud is the only direct competitor that allows customization to your personal profile by allowing you to pin your favorite songs to the top of your profile.
  • All other direct competitors have not explored a more in-depth way to share music.

methodologies - individual interviews

For the individual interviews, I interviewed 6 participants. All participants shared music through Spotify in the last month. Participants range in age and frequency of how many times they share a song in a month.

Each participant described the last time they shared a song to someone using Spotify. As each participant described their journey, I listened for potential pain points and frustrations and asked individuals to expand on why certain things became difficult for them. Here are some overall findings from these 6 participants.

overall findings

  • Two participants mainly use Spotify for only listening to music. Would share a song occasionally but doesn’t do it often enough to have any real pain points or frustrations.
  • The rest of the participants seem to share music through the app often. Would like to see more customization with profiles and are open to new features.
  • Enjoys sharing the end of the year playlist and stats to friends or social media to compare lists.

frustrations / pain points

  • Wishes sharing a song is not hidden within the 3-dot menu.
  • Wants sharing a song to be more streamlined and a faster one-step process.
  • Would like to send songs to friends within the app through a chat function like Tik Tok.
  • Would like to share more than just a song or playlist. Something more customizable like sharing your music taste.
  • Would like to be able to share to people who don’t use Spotify.


  • To be able to share music through Spotify at least by text message or social media.
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Based on my research, I’ve created groupings and similarities between the people I’ve interviewed to create a persona of a 27 year-old realtor named Ben Parker.

mixed white guy wearing light blue button up

Ben Parker
Young Professional

age: 27
occupation: realtor
Location: honolulu, hi
last shared music: sept 2020
device: iphone


Ben Parker is a realtor in Honolulu, HI who loves listening to music and sharing music. Since he is always on the go for his job, it’s important for him to find new songs to listen to. Ben shares about 1-5 songs a week to his friends with similar music taste. He also wants people to know his music taste because he wants to be able to share his new findings with new people with similar taste. Because Ben shares songs so often, he wishes Spotify had a better way to share songs easier because the current process has a little too many steps.

“Spotify makes it quick and easy to share songs and my music taste to my friends.”

associated apps

linkedin logotik tok logoinstagram logo

goals / needs

  • To be able to share music and even their music taste to other people.

frustrations / pain points

  • Have a quicker way to share music to his friends because the currently process has too many steps.
  • Would like to send songs to friends within the app through a chat function like Tik Tok.
  • Too many options to share one songBe able to share songs to people without Spotify.



it & tech knowledge


empathy map

After creating a persona for Ben Parker, I was able to develop an empathy map to better understand the user's needs. Since Ben Parker is always on the road going house to house for his realtor job, it's important for him to stay entertained and in an upbeat manner since he is constantly talking and meeting new people. Below is how Ben would feel while listening to music and using the Spotify mobile app.


Is there a faster way to share music?

I wish I could share my music taste to people.

Why is the share button so hidden?

There needs to be a faster way for me to share this song to Mia while I'm on the go.

Mia would love this song.







Mia bobbing her head to this song.

There's so much room to add the share button on this screen.


People complimenting my music taste.

New Songs

Favorite Songs

The playlists I've created.


Oh I love this song!

Have you heard this before?

Did you like the song I sent you?


Driving from house to house.

Showing people/ answering questions about homes.

Always searching for new music.


Share my favorite or new songs to my friends.

Share my music taste.

Find/listen to new songs found on Spotify.

user flow

By using Spotify's current user flows, I was able to find the most practical place for the "My Music Taste tab. Below I've created my own user flow on how to access the "My Music Taste" and to share that with a friend within the Spotify app.

spotify new music feature user flow
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UI Design

LO-fi Wireframes

Based on Spotify's existing structure, I was able to build a few new pages in their branding and style. This included the "My Music Taste" page and sharing function that also allows users to send a message.

spotify new music feature lofi wireframes

hi-fi wireframes

After conducting a round of usability testing, I was able to make a few modifications such as designing a more prominent and larger "share everything" button for the "My Music Taste" page, added "My Music Taste" on the homepage and a confirmation banner after sharing music and a message to other users within the app.

spotify new music feature hifi wireframes

UI Kit

After finalizing the hi-fi wireframes, I've created a UI Kit to hand off to developers.



h1 header - circular std | Bold | 30px

Recently Played

h2 header - circular std | Bold | 20px

My Music Taste

h3 header - amiko | Bold | 15px

My Music Taste

Song/album titleS- amiko | regular | 14px


various spotify icons

share icons

various share icons

button styles

spotify button styles

navigation bar

spotify mobile navigation bar

search bar

spotify search bar

album cover style

spotify album cover style

my top genre style

profile qr code

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To help with user testing, I've created a prototype for Spotify's "My Music Taste" on the mobile app based on the user flow I've created and any unmet needs that were found in the last round of user testing. Want to try it out? Let us know what you think!

test prototype

usability testing

I was able to conduct usability testing for the hi-fi wireframes and had 5 participants test out the user flow. Each participant is familiar with the Spotify app. Below are my findings.


  • Overall all participants were able to execute the user flow with little to no real pain points or frustrations.
  • Users understood that they were sending “My Music Taste” to another user within Spotify.

frustrations / pain points

  • Because of the placement of the share icon for the “My Music Taste” section, it was difficult to understand that your whole music taste was being shared instead of just “My Top 10 Songs.”
  • Share button for “My Music Taste” should be more prominent and larger.

overall findings

  • It would make more sense to users if you can access “My Music Taste” on the homepage under the “Made for You” section.


Just based on my initial research and individual interviews, it was very interesting to learn about the different types of Spotify users. There were users who just used the basic functions of the app such as only listening to music. While a few other participants really used this app to find new music and share it to their friends. With those participants, it was much easier to uncover many frustrations and pain points they had with just sharing one song. Another part of this project that I learned from, was being able to take an existing structure and being able to design and create within those brand guidelines.